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UGears 3D wooden puzzles are made with high-grade natural wood materials, all the parts are pre-cut and ready to be assembled just like a puzzle; no additional tools or materials needed.

The wooden Tractor's spring is wound using a key on the underside. A lever in the tractor cab serves as a start/stop switch. When the lever is lowered the force of the spring is transmitted to the rubberized wheels through the gear system, which includes a pendulum to regulate speed. The rear wheels of the Tractor have an overrunning clutch that allows for tighter turns. The Tractor's hatch, doors, and hood can all be opened, while the steering angle of the wheels can be changed by turning them manually. Laser-engraved design features include cool tire sidewall markings and a trident on the Tractor's flag, a symbol of Ukraine's strength, freedom and indomitable spirit, as seen on the Ukrainian coat of arms.
As for the cardboard tank, this can be folded and assembled quite easily, without glue. One advantage of the flimsy material (a first in our collection) used for the tank is you can poke holes or damage your tank in any way you see fit. You can also color your Tractor and tank in colors of your choosing.

Ugears models are made in the Ukraine and this model was Inspired by the stand the Ukrainian farmers took against the invading Russian forces.

Number of Parts: 272
Assembly Time: 7 hours
Level: Intermediate
Model size: 25x6x6.5cm
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