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UGears 3D wooden puzzles are made with high-grade natural wood materials, all the parts are pre-cut and ready to be assembled just like a puzzle; no additional tools or materials needed.

The main module of the model is comprised of two parts the globe and the platform with the mechanism The sphere of the globe sits on an axle inclined along the same angle as the axis of the Earth Like most Ugears models, the Globus is animated by means of a rubber band motor A lever in the base pulled once clock wise all the way will fully wind up the mechanism As soon as the lever is released, the gears begin their work If you want it to rotate even slower, you can manually turn the Globus and watch the continents float slowly by.
In addition to the main module, the model comes with two interchangeable extra modules the Shuttle and the Sputnik which connect to the main module via the planetary gearing and rotate almost twice as fast as the globe and make almost two full spins in one pull of a winding lever The Globus is easy enough to assemble and very interesting to observe in motion Unique mechanism and original design make it a clever gift and the perfect decoration for any home or office The Globus from Ugears is the model you will want to return to again and again Take your Globus from the shelf and dream about all those amazing places you plan to visit one day

Number of Parts: 184
Assembly Time: 1-4 hours
Level: Easy
Model size: 21x18.5x18.5cm

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