Willowtree Figurines - Heartfelt gifts of love

Willowtree Figurines - Heartfelt gifts of love

Willow Tree® figurines are timeless in style and design and are the perfect gift for any occasion including new baby, wedding, loss of loved one, marriage, friendship and thank you.

The Willowtree range is made up of simple figurines which in themselves speak in quiet ways to heal, comfort, protect, inspire and celebrate those events and people important to us.  Each Willowtree figurine is accompanied by a sentiment card with a heartfelt quote which compliments the figurine and turns a beautifully simple figurine into a heartfelt keepsake gift.  

Willowtree figurines are collectable and are able to be grouped to form family groupings to reflect your own family situation.   

Willowtree figurines are the perfect gift for that special person in your life.

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